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choosing a wedding photographer

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

It is pretty fair to say, that most people will never have to think about looking to book a photographer until they decide to get married. As a wedding photographer I understand that (and most other decent wedding photographers will as well). Which really asks the question, what do you need to think of when choosing a wedding photographer? The following is a quick guide with three Top Tips to help you with with what can be one of the most difficult decisions that you will have to make when organising a wedding. 

1. Find a wedding photographer whose style you like

This seems like such an obvious statement, but the portfolio of the wedding photographer is really important. Fortunately, social media, such as instagram makes this part of choosing the photographer much easier. Hash tags like #weddingphotographercornwall make it must easier to sort through the content. Once you find a wedding photographer whose style that you like, ask if you are able to see any examples of their full day wedding portfolio (just a picture of a bride and groom is not enough). On my website I have my ‘Real Weddings Blog’ which acts as a portfolio of my work. Other wedding photographers may have similar. Remember, its not just the photographer on the day you are booking, but also the way they shoot and their edit style.

2. Don’t get put off by price

The old adage of you ‘pay for what you get’, is true for all your wedding suppliers. With with wedding photographers you will find a range of prices available. But not all the wedding photographers you meet will be equal. Ranging from students wanting to make a few extra quid on the side through to full time professional photographers, you will find that price often is linked to experience, skill and portfolio. You’ll need to decide on the balance between all three when choosing your wedding photographer against the budget you have available.

3. Talk to your wedding photographer.

Just as important as finding a photographers wedding portfolio that you like, it’s also really important to meet the wedding photographer to talk through your wedding day. Most wedding photographers will offer a free ‘Zoom’ meet so that you can talk through your wedding day in more detail (I know I certainly do). It’s a great way to discuss what you are planning (and perhaps more importantly), to see if the wedding photographer is the right fit for you. Unlike most of your wedding suppliers, your wedding photographer is with you throughout the day. They get to meet both your family and friends. It is therefore really important that they are the right ‘match’ with you. They need to be able to blend in with the day. You can ask also ask more about how they work. Some wedding photographers like to ‘direct’ the day. Personally, I have a more relaxed approach to wedding photography and like to work in a more natural, unposed way. But once again, you need to decide which approach is right for you. Finally, do they know the area where you are getting married? They may have not shot at your chosen venue, but do they know nearby beaches or the surrounding countryside in order to get the best from your bride and groom photos.

I’m hoping this ‘top three’ has been of help in your quest choosing a wedding photographer. If you like my style of wedding photography, then I as available to shoot weddings in Cornwall, Devon and the rest of the UK and would love to talk more. You can find out more about my work as a wedding photographer in Cornwall and Devon. I’m more than happy to schedule in a Zoom call so we can meet and talk through your wedding in more detail.