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bride and groom at wedding in cornwall

Tom and Charlie's Wedding in Cornwall

Charlie and Tom had chosen Cornwall as the location for their wedding day. More specifically they had chosen to have their wedding in Cornwall at the beautiful Nancarrow Farm near to Truro. The day promised to be a hot one, with temperatures already at 20 degrees centigrade by 9am. I started the day with Charlie and the bridal preparation. It was all going to plan. Tom, meanwhile was busy with the last minute preparations in the rest of the venue. Having elected to forgo the skills of a wedding planner for the day, Tom has decided to organise the wedding himself. This could be seen as a high risk strategy, but from what I could see he was doing a pretty good job. 

As with many couples, who choose to come down to Cornwall to get married, Charlie and Tom had organised most of their wedding day from afar. I’m always really impressed with how well people manage to do this. It does involve a lot of decisions being made remotely, but somehow people manage to still shape their wedding in Cornwall exactly how they want it to be. This wedding was no different. With the guests arriving, they were slowly ushered into the rustic ceremony barn at Nancarrow. The day was now beginning to feel pretty warm and I think they were glad of the chance to shelter in the shade. 

The bridal entrance - Charlie arrives at her wedding in Cornwall

With the guests safely out the way, Charlie was ready to make her procession to the ceremony. From a wedding photographers perspective, a day like Charlie and Tom’s can be one of the more tricky to photograph. A midsummer wedding with bright sunlight outside against shade inside the ceremony barn. You kind of have to be on your toes and watch your exposure – but it is all part of the fun. The wedding ceremony took place in front of the open rear doors of the barn. With the sunlight flooding though it was absolutely beautiful. Mary, the wedding celebrant, conducted an absolutely wonderful ceremony. With Tom’s father providing accompaniment on guitar for the signing of the register the couple were then set for a confetti blizzard outside. 

Canapés, a country lane and bride and groom photos

The wedding party made the most of the sun soaked courtyard for canapés and post ceremony drinks. Although not every wedding in Cornwall is guaranteed weather like this. When it is hot, it is really hot. We also used this opportunity for group photos and for a wander down the lane for bride and groom photos. I’ve long held an obsession with the painter Caravaggio. I love his use of light and shade. The lane had dapples of sunlight and was perfect for their photos and for my Caravaggio obsession.

A Cornish Wedding Breakfast

We went back to the courtyard for pre dinner speeches. With these finished, it was time to leave for Wedding Breakfast. The Oak Barn looked absolutely spectacular and with the for served and then speeches finished it was time for the main wedding speeches. It was here that I got to find out more about Charlie and Tom’s story. It also explained why there were so many references to Glastonbury Festival in the table settings. Their love of the festival was to be made even more apparent when, post wedding breakfast, they took their friends on a musical procession through the nearby meadow. This was an unscripted a surprise for everyone and ended with a group photo of the wedding party. 

The evening wedding reception - the end of wedding day in Cornwall

With the temperatures from the day finally beginning to drop, it was time for the evening reception. A dress change for Charlie and a suit change for Tom and they were off. The band started off and the dance floor erupted. It felt like a fitting end to a Glastonbury Festival obsessed bride and groom and their wedding in Cornwall. If you enjoyed this wedding you can find out more about my work as a wedding photographer in Cornwall on my website.