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Cornish Tipi Wedding

A Cornish Tipi Elopement Wedding - Zoe and Daniel

A Cornish Tipi wedding is a wonderful thing, but a Cornish Tipi elopement wedding has a touch of magic about it. With one of the main features of 2020 being seemingly repeated lockdowns, Zoe and Daniel timed their elopement to Cornish Tipi’s well, escaping to Cornwall before another round of restrictions were bought into play. On the day of the wedding I met Daniel waiting for his bride at the Cornish Tipi outdoor ceremony area and, despite the nights beginning to draw in during September, it was sunny, warm day. It felt like we were in an enchanted grove (we later discovered that we all shared a combined love of Tolkien). Elopements in Cornwall have become more and more popular over the last couple of years. In fact Cornwall now has to rank as one of the most popular elopement locations in the United Kingdom.

The Cornish Tipi Elopement Wedding Ceremony

Zoe arrived walking down the lane to the wedding ceremony area at Cornish Tipi’s. She looked absolutely spectacular. As she walked towards us the light was shimmering around her and the smile on Daniels face when he first saw her really summed up the day. The ceremony was conducted with just the registrars, myself and another witness present. This is the beauty of an elopement in Cornwall, it is such a simple day. Big weddings are lovely and can be a marvellous gathering of friends and family. But a Cornish Tipi elopement has an intimacy that is utterly unique.

A walk in the woods exploring the Cornish Tipi Elopement Wedding

The ceremony was finished and Zoe, Daniel and I wandered off into the woods for photos and to explore. For me this is what makes elopements so much fun to photograph. We have the time and the space to explore. You don’t know what magic you are going to find. We found some old trees down by a stream. I stepped back and let Zoe and Daniel have time to themselves. The sunlight dappled the ground around. Rays of light picking out features. It truly was magical. As with all Cornish Tipi weddings, Cornish Tipi’s had closed off the flooded quarry so that Zoe and Daniel could have it to themselves for a while. I left them to enjoy the solitude of being out on the water, whilst I photographed from the side. I then joined them in a separate boat so I could get a bit closer. The flooded quarry is one of the many unique things about a Cornish Tipi Wedding, I cannot think of another wedding venue that has anything to compare with it. The photo of them in their ‘Just Married’ boat is one of my favourite from the day. That light. So sublime.

A post wedding ceremony trip to the coast.

Zoe and I had previously discussed heading out to the coast after their wedding ceremony and that is where we headed next. Cornish Tipi Weddings are situated near the north Cornish coast and there are an abundance of locations to explore. As we walked towards the location that I had chosen, the light was beginning to take on hues of purple. It really did have an other worldly feel to it and for September, it was amazingly warm. It was lovely to share this bit of Cornwall with Zoe and Daniel (and beautifully contrasted with the hidden valley like feel of the Cornish Tipi wedding earlier). We stayed until the sun was setting and Zoe and Daniel set off back to the Cornish Tipi wedding site to spend the evening in their very own tipi (there are not many newly weds who can claim the same).If you enjoyed Zoe and Ben’s wedding, then please feel free to look at more of my wedding photography in Cornwall.

I hope you enjoy these photos. 2020 was not the year of weddings that many of us hoped. But there were beautiful moments all the same.

Take care