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A Berkeley Castle Wedding - Clémence and Nicholas

Kilminorth Cottages

I can count on my left hand the number of weddings where my first conversation with the bride and groom has started with the words ‘we are planning a Wes Anderson themed wedding’. It’s just one. Laura and Elliots Kilminorth Cottages wedding. Oh boy I was excited about this wedding. It did not disappoint.

So let’s introduce the guys. Laurie is Australian. Laid back, fun to be with. Elliot is British and is also laid back and fun to be with. They make a perfect laid back pair. I got to know them a bit more at a pre wedding shoot that we did on the wild and wonderful cliffs of west Cornwall.

Kilminorth Cottages is a regular venue for me and one that I really love. It has a nice vibe to it and is absolutely beautiful. I know that Laura and Elliot feel the same. A Kilminorth Cottages wedding tends to have an open air festival feel to it. The guys had beautifully styled the marquee. There were the surreal elements (remember there was a Wes Anderson feel to the day). But it looked superb. With team bride and team groom getting ready in different cottages, the day finally came together with the outside ceremony. Oh and just check out those wonderful Aussie style wedding bouquets. The outdoor ceremony area is the perfect setting for a Kilminorth Cottages wedding. Confetti followed before the guests started tucking into bubbles and craft beers and a pre wedding breakfast buffet by the marquee. The scene was set for the afternoon.

I like to blend in with it all. I’ve never felt the need to call people to the camera (and to be honest that does not suit my style of photography), so it was lovely just to circulate and photograph the way the day was shaping. Laura, Elliot and I took a wander for photos before we immersed our ourselves back in the celebration of this Kilminorth Cottages wedding. As the light slowly dropped, the marquee became magical. I loved the trencher style tables and low hanging lights.

Speeches, music and dancing all followed. Kilminorth was absolutely rocking. So the question must be asked. Did Laura and Elliot manage to channel the spirit of Wes Anderson at their Kilminorth Cottages wedding day? My answer. Yes. They did. It remains the only wedding that I have been to that featured small camel figurines on tables, a gold embossed three piece suite and a pretend stuffed owl.

That in it’s own right is worthy of the spirit of Wes.