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Carswell Wedding Photographer - Charlie and Dan

Carswell Wedding Photographer

So here I am, sat in the corner of my favourite coffee shop, drinking coffee and eating cake. I started to think about which wedding I would blog next. Then it came to me. Charlie and Dan. Why, well this wedding was one of my favourite from last year. Crazy, yes. But in a good way crazy. So here we go. Charlie, Dan and their Carswell Wedding at Lambside House.

So firstly there are Charlie and Dan, London based (a lot of the couples who I work with are). They had chosen South Devon for their wedding as it had strong childhood memories. This section of coast is some of the best that Devon can offer. A Carswell wedding will always have one of the best backdrops that you can ever imagine. They had also decided to use Lambside House as the location for their wedding, with a marquee set in the field adjacent to the house rather than the main Carswell Wedding marquee site.

The wedding day

On the day I was met by the very wonderful wedding co-ordinator Breock from Two be Wed. Breock is amazing, she makes things happen and ensures any wedding runs seamlessly. The bridal preparation was in feverish mode, whilst Dan prepared at a small cottage down the road. Florists, Twig of Salcombe, arrived with an incredible flower crown for Charlie. Charlie was to be a summer queen.

Guests arrived, the scene was set. Charlie and Dan had chosen to be married by their friend Pasha. What resulted next was a bespoke ceremony that included guests singing along to ‘Don’t go breaking my heart’ By Elton John, some fantastic speeches and finally the traditional Jewish custom of breaking a glass. I hadn’t the fully symbology of this until a guest gave a speech before (it resonated strongly with not only the with the wedding guests but also with me).

Pink hunters and a summer queen

The wedding party enjoyed drinks on the lawn while Charlie, Dan and I headed out to the coast path. The light was, oh the light, just perfect. I dream of light like this. I was also absolutely ecstatic to see that Charlie had changed into a pair of bright pink Hunters. Pink Hunters and a Summer Queen Flower Crown. This is the look. Take inspiration brides to be. Charlie and Dan danced on the coastal slopes and drank champagne. It was marvellous. This is was makes a Carswell Wedding.

The Hora

Back to the marquee by the wonderful Hatch Marquees. Speeches and the wedding breakfast. Then things got crazy. Well I say crazy. Crazy if you’ve never witnessed this before. The Hora. Or as it sometimes called ‘The Jewish Chair Dance’. As the band played ‘Hava Nagila’, Charlie and Dan were lifted into the air on chairs. Circles spun around them. The scene was a blur. Probably one of the most wonderful things I have ever photographed. I got caught in one of the circles and went with the flow, it felt like being at a festival. I have no idea how Charlie and Dan stayed in their chairs, but somehow they did.

The end to the wedding day and the perfect Carswell wedding

With Charlie and Dan safely on the ground the party the party continued. I continued to photograph the mayhem (it got crazy in there, but that is what I like) until it was time for me to go. My first trip to a Carswell Wedding and hopefully not my last.


Toby 🙂