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Higher Holcombe Wedding in the Silver Birch Church

Emma and Tom - A Higher Holcombe Wedding

Well once again I find myself having not blogged for a while. It’s not that I don’t enjoy writing my Real Wedding Blogs. It’s just finding the time. But I intend to make up for this with a blog about Tom and Emma’s wedding at Higher Holcombe in Devon. This was my first time to Higher Holcombe and it really did not disappoint. The venue is tucked away in the Blackdown Hills near Exeter. 

Right from the moment I first met Tom and Emma, I knew that I would enjoy their wedding. I’ve always like festivals weddings. That’s not necessarily festivals at weddings (although now there is an idea), but weddings with a festival vibe. Tom and Emma had gone for just that and Higher Holcombe was the perfect venue choice.

I also think that outdoor wedding ceremonies have a feel to them that just feels right. Higher Holcombe’s ‘Silver Birch Church’ is just utterly unique. An avenue of Silver Birch. It is just absolutely beautiful. You have to make a leap of faith (in the weather) when getting married outside in the United Kingdom (and Devon isn’t the driest place), but it was so worth it. 

The Silver Birch Church at Higher Holcombe

When Emma entered the tree lined Silver Birch Church, it felt like stepping back in time. The breeze running through the trees was lovely. It felt ethereal. I don’t often talk about the way that I work in these blogs, but one of the things I really like about and outdoor wedding, is the freedom it gives me to move around. I have shot in some incredibly small (or bijou) indoor wedding venues. There is nothing wrong with getting married in an intimate space, but it is so much easier for me when I have freedom of movement. I can shoot more and I can be more creative. 

Off to the Higher Holcombe Willow Cathedral

After the wedding the guests headed for the Willow Cathedral (yes there is a theme developing here). Emma and Tom and I went off for photos and for a further explore of Higher Holcombe. I love what they have done at Higher Holcombe. Over the years, they have lovingly planted trees and created a really unique wedding space. It is the sort of place that takes time to develop. Everything from the Silver Birch Church through to the Willow Cathedral feels different and special. Watching how the day flowed I was left thinking how wonderful it was that this Devon Wedding Venue had evolved in its own special way.  

Brides should wear capes

I should have mentioned before that Tom is a superb musician and many of their guests were also (I’ll add for balance that Emma has a dinosaur obsession). So music was going to play a big part of their day (and so were dinosaurs). It’s probably the first time that I have heard a groom sing a self penned song to his new bride during his speech (or dinosaurs used as table decorations).

The light in the fields above Higher Holcombe was perfect for Emma, Tom and I to wander out for more photos just before sunset. By then Tom was wearing a fine hat. As a self appointed connoisseur of hats, this was a move that I fully applauded. Emma had donned an emerald green cape

Note to future brides: wear a cape – you will not regret it

Festival Weddings at Higher Holcombe Rock!

We made the most of the dwindling light. It was lovely up there before wandering back down tot he reception barn at Higher Holcombe. The band (all wedding guests) started playing (with post first dance Tom finding himself in the line up). It was the perfect end to my photographic day. Well folks, that is what I call a festival wedding. Just a perfect day – with some hats, capes and dinosaurs thrown in for good measure. If you enjoyed this Higher Holcombe Wedding you can find out more about my work as a Devon Wedding Photographer.